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Size, height and function all play a role in selecting a toilet for your bathroom. These tips will help you find the right commode for your family. Is there really much to think about other than looks when selecting a toilet for a bathroom remodel? Surprisingly, yes. When it comes to choosing a commode, size, height and how well it functions should play into your decision. There are thousands of toilets on the market, but a rough-in distance, which measures the distance from the finished wall to the center of the sewer drain for the toilet, will narrow the field.

The standard rough-in is 12 inches, and the widest selection of toilets is available in this size. If a bathroom remodel makes use of an existing rough-in that is another size, 10 or 14 inches for example, choices can be more limited. Most people find elongated toilet bowls to be more comfortable, but in a small bathroom, a round bowl can save space.

Elongated toilet bowls measure up to 31" from the wall, while round fixtures max out at 28". Because round bowls are less expensive than elongated bowls, they save a few dollars, too.

From small-scale to sculpture, these toilets offer more options. Comfort also comes into play with toilet heights. Many manufacturers now offer toilets that measure a few inches taller than standard 14" fixtures.

Taller toilets are also an integral part of universal design, which makes a bathroom accessible to all users regardless of mobility, because they make sitting down and standing up easier.

There are several toilet types available. A two-piece toilet, in which the tank bolts on top of the bowl, is typically a bit more affordable.

A one-piece toilet, with an integral tank and bowl, can cost more, but these units are easier to clean because they have no seam.

toilet dimensions

Wall-mounted toilets add drama to a bathroom, and cleaning under them is a breeze. However, this higher-end fixture can be more expensive to install because it requires a thicker wall to mount the toilet and house the tank, and future maintenance could require reopening the wall. Once you've settled on the size, shape and style, find a toilet that flushes efficiently.

Beforetypical toilets used 3. Then Congress, in an effort to conserve resources, reduced the amount of water newly manufactured toilets could flush to 1.

Unfortunately, the first generation of low-flow toilets couldn't get the job done, and that's a stigma these commodes are still trying to shake more than a decade later. Manufacturers have since introduced low-flow toilets that work well, using either a gravity or power-assisted flush.

But, as with any product, some toilets function better than others. To find a toilet with effective flushing technology, visit a showroom and talk with a salesperson. For homeowners interested in conserving even more water and reducing water bills, many manufacturers offer toilets with dual-flush technology. These units typically feature a split plunger-style flush mechanism on top of the tank.

toilet dimensions

Pushing one button releases. Bidets, fixtures that look similar to toilets but are actually used for personal hygiene, are typical in European bathrooms, but aren't as common in the United States. Bidets can also be useful for anyone who has mobility problems and finds it difficult to get into a bathtub or stand in the shower.

Of course, if there's no room in a remodel for a bidet, toilet seats that provide a bidet function are available. Other upgrades include soft-closing toilet seats, which ensure the seat always is closed after use and prevent lids from slamming.But what do those terms actually mean for each room in terms of sq. Obviously, the square footage for each size category will vary room-to-room.

A small kitchen is larger than a small bathroom. In fact, a small kitchen would be as big as a large or huge bathroom. This article sets out to actually define exactly what the different bathroom sizes are in square footage. We then set out what size is the most popular based on frequency. This information is hopefully helpful with your bathroom remodelling project.

While space is definitely at a premium in a small bathroom, decorating this area can be a valuable and exciting interior decorating lesson in maximizing space and utilizing color to liven up the room, but also to visually enlarge it.

Roomy enough for a full-sized tub, sink, shower, and toilet, this sized bathroom can be turned into a relaxing haven for you to unwind in after the stress from a busy day. Large enough to meet the needs of your family on a daily basis, this sized bathroom will serve you well.

Uncommon design elements not typically found in smaller bathrooms are found in larger bathrooms, such as custom bookcases and shelving, large bay windows, and wide expanses of marble or granite flooring. It is not uncommon to see large bathrooms with bidets, vanity benches, and steam showers.

These bathrooms exceed square feet. Designed with huge amounts of space, these bathrooms are often bigger than many bedrooms. Common design elements include wall to wall mirroring, personal saunas, separate dressing and powder rooms and more.

With this level of luxury, the sky is truly the limit regarding customization. We analyzedmaster bathrooms specifically for sizing and determined that large bathrooms are the most common followed by medium, then expansive and finally small.

Please keep in mind this analysis pertained to master bathrooms and not powder rooms. Powder rooms are subset type of bathroom which are generally small or tiny. About Privacy Contact. Search Search for: Search. This article sets out the typical square footage for small, medium and large bathrooms as well as provides statistics on what's the most common size. Close Search for: Search. Total Number of Bathrooms Surveyed.We are still shipping Monday-Friday at this time.

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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Bathroom partition dimensions are critical when preparing to order materials for commercial restrooms. A little planning will make sure your installation process is smooth and flawless. Commercial partitions will sometimes require a custom layout. Your layout dimensions need to be precise when having a company quote your restroom partitions. This is because most bathroom partitions cannot be cut in the field when installing.

This would damage the partitions unless the material is solid plastic. Common partition material is like a plastic cutting board you use in your house.

Some materials use a honey comb cardboard on the inside for support with two sheets of steel on the outside. This would be very hard to cut and could cause issues to the partition. Overhead brace floor mounted partitions are the most common in the United States.

toilet dimensions

This style is an easy installation with no ceiling or special flooring needed. Ceiling hung partitions are great for easy floor maintenance with a clean and contemporary appearance.

Maximum ceiling height is Floor mounted partitions are great for lower ceilings and lower traffic areas. Floor to ceiling braced partitions are the best for high traffic areas such as airports and high schools.

Extra support from floor to ceiling. Over size panels and door for extra privacy are also available. No sight options are also available which include continuous brackets and full length door stops and hinges. Are you looking for commercial hardware? Robert Brooke and Associates specializes in commercial hardware for schools, universities, churches, YMCA, offices, businesses, warehouses and exhibit halls. Order your commercial hardware online by using this site, or call Robert Brooke and Associates for your commercial hardware specialties by phone at weekday from 8AM—5PM Eastern Time.

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Floor Plan Toilet Size (see description)

Phone: 1 My Account Login. Remember me? Forgot your password? Create an Account. My Compare 0. Bathroom Stalls.Designing a bathroom is a rewarding yet challenging project. Our guide to planning a functional and beautiful bathroom layout will help you configure a comfortable space that meets your family's needs.

Whether you're remodeling or buildingdesigning the perfect bathroom layout is an exciting and thoughtful process. To help bring your dream bath into focus, take time to assess your needs and devise an efficient layout. With a smart strategy and bathroom dimensions in place, it's easier to set a budget, hire contractors, and shop for beautiful finishes. A functional floor plan is the key to building and remodeling success. To determine space-planning requirements, answer the questions below to shed light on how you'll use the space.

For an existing bath, assess the pros and cons of the current layout. For a new bathroom layout, think about how your dream space would function. For example, will two adults share the master bathroom during the morning rush hour? Is the bathroom limited to occasional guest usage?

Are children who need assistance the primary users?

How to Measure Your Toilet Dimensions for a Perfect Fit Every Time

Will you bathe a pet in the tub? What activities will be done in the various parts of the room? For example, will you require a place to sit and apply makeup? Will the room also house laundry facilities? What activities can be done in a shared space, and which require a private area? Do you prefer separate shower and bath areas? Would you like a tub that accommodates more than one person? Do you want the water closet in its own compartment? The answers to these questions can shed light on how much open floor space is needed for navigation around the room, what size tub or shower makes sense, whether two sinks are necessary, and more.

When crafting the perfect bathroom layout, don't underestimate the importance of storage. Even in a petite bath you can find more storage solutions than just the vanity cabinet by adding a toilet surround, over-door shelving, or a recessed medicine cabinet.Toilets are bathroom fixtures used for the sanitary collection and disposal of human waste products such as urine and feces.

Consisting of a bowl and seat, toilets provide hygienically safe and convenient facilities for relieving ourselves. Toilets come in a variety of disposal methods that range from common flush toilets, dry toilets, and vacuum toilets to pit latrines, portable toilets, and chemical toilets. Toilet bowls are typically made of ceramic porcelain but other disposal designs may be made from concrete, plastic or wood. Toilet manufacturers also offer diverse options for seat styles and bowl design along with new possibilities to integrate technology into the toilet that may improve your experiences.

The most common toilet design variations are two-piece, one-piece, and wall-hung toilets. Wikipedia - Toilets. Clearances around toilets and water closets WCs can be measured from the face of the fixture or from its center line and are used to best service the toilet user. With a more modern feel than typical two-piece toilets, the low-back toilet is a cost efficient solution that maintains a contemporary profile. Two-piece toilets are generally more difficult to clean and install than a one-piece toilet.

Combining simple round curves with wall-mounted installation, wall hung round toilets make bathrooms feel more and make them easier to clean.

Two-piece toilets are often less expensive than one-piece toilets as each portion of the fixture can be manufactured separately. The TOTO Drake Two-Piece Toilet features one of the most common household toilet forms based on the aesthetics and proportions of earlier household toilets.

Two-piece toilets are cost efficient bathroom fixtures that consist of a separate tank and bowl which makes cleaning, installation, and maintenance more difficult than found with a one-piece toilet. A comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world. Browse Tags Compare About Categories.

X Login. Browse Tags Convert About. Humans Animals Plants. Furniture Fixtures Layouts Buildings.When you want to replace your toilet, getting the right measurements is crucial. Believe it or not, there are five toilet dimensions you need to know.

toilet dimensions

That way, you can ensure the new one will fit snugly in your bathroom. There are many other things to consider when you start shopping for a new toilet as well. You may even want it to match your sink. The rough-in of a toilet is the dimension between the center of the flange and the wall behind the water closet.

However, you still need to measure it before replacing or installing a toilet just in case. Start by finding the center of the toilet flange. The flange is the pipe fitting that mounts your toilet on the floor and connects it to a drain. If the toilet is still in place, the center of the flange should align with the rear bolts that keep the toilet attached to the floor.

Pay attention to the rough-in when checking the toilet dimensions of the unit you want to purchase. Place your tape measure at the center of the flange and run a parallel to the back wall. Mark the spot that is six inches away from the center of the flange along this line. This spot will roughly correspond to the outside of the base of the unit when mounted on the floor. Draw a line that connects this spot to the back wall. The water supply line should be six or seven inches above the floor along this line.

You need to place the water supply line high enough to get clearance from the base trimming.

How to Choose a Toilet

The water supply line is protected by a small flange, so you need to allow enough clearance for the flange as well. It might be best to hire a plumber to install the water supply line for a new toilet. But knowing its location can be useful if you want to start installing base molding in your bathroom. Older homes may have a brass or lead pipe instead of the more flexible modern ones. The side clearance of a toilet is something to take into consideration when remodeling a bathroom or shopping for a new toilet.

You need enough clearance to use the WC comfortably and to meet building codes. There are no local variations for this minimum requirement. You can install a toilet further away from the wall or bathroom vanity for comfort.Older or basic toilets are round, the inside of the toilet bowl is usually about 11 inches around.

More modern or deluxe toilets have an elongated bowl that is about 2 inches longer than it is. If you're still wondering, you can measure from the two mounting bolts at the seat hinge to the very front of the toilet bowl. Bio Bidet products are designed to fit almost all 1and 2pc toilets. However, there are some exceptions such as category "C" below. If you have a 1pc toilet with a deep French curve, please contact us with the make and model of your toilet for a compatibility check.

However, these 1 piece toilets should pose no issue with our electric units as they fully sit on top of the toilet rim. Close search. Have Questions? Toilet size and shape. What is 1pc and 2 pc toilet and how are they different?

However, there are some exceptions such as category "C" below, If you have a 1pc toilet with a deep French curve, please contact us with the make and model of your toilet for a compatibility check. Bidet Template - print in 6 A4 papers to use it as a single page template - Elongated Seat Template 1 of 6 2 of 6 3 of 6 4 of 6 5 of 6 6 of 6 - Round Seat Template 1 of 6 2 of 6 3 of 6 4 of 6 5 of 6 6 of 6 Toilet Brands - Most common in HomeDepot and Menards Please contact us for any additional questions about toilet compatibility.

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