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Starting from version 8. We can now make lua scripts for literary any game we play. Starting off you need to know that game guardian scripts are made using a programming language called LUA hence the name Lua scripts for game guardian. Keep this in mind as we will be using Lua syntax,functions and rules. You will however note that game guardian only supports scripts execution but does NOT support script writing or editing. Currently the only way to create a lua script for game guardian is to use a third party application which brings us to our second requirement.

Download the latest version of game guardian. As stated above the only way to create or edit a game guardian lua script is through a third party application. This is where the Q-Lua app editor comes to the rescue.

Through the editor we can write and save our scripts after which you can execute it using game guardian. Download the latest version of Q-Lua editor. STEP 1: Install and launch both game guardian and qlua app editor you should have the game guardian floating window over the open qlua interface as shown in the image below.

Click on editor to create a new empty lua script. Click on the save icon and choose a name for your lua script. You can change the name before the extension to whatever you want e. This is where lua scripting comes into play we will begin by learning how to make a menu as the one shown below.

As you can see the script has four options that the user can choose from option To do this we will use the codes shown below. STEP 4: After saving your lua script successfully we need to test it using game guardian to ensure that everything is working as expected. On clicking on the button shown above an interface will open up asking you to select the script file you want to execute navigate to the directory where you saved your lua script you will notice your lua script highlighted in green with the name you assigned to it as shown below.

This time I will create a menu with different option to do this I will use the code below:. You will notice that when you select any option in the list the script does nothing instead it just ends with a notification as shown below.

For this we will use our new menu that we just created. Now that we know the code to show alerts we can integrate this to our menu so that if the user select subscribe our message is shown to them.

For this we will use a simple if statement. Type and save the code above into your lua editor as shown below:. Searching for values using a lua script is easy all we need to know is the value were searching for and its data type for this example I will use the value 10 and the data type dword. The code for searching in game guardian is. The code above will search for the number 10 data type dword.

Note that you can change the value 10 to anything you want to search for.

LUA scripts

After searching for values we have to select the values we want to edit from the result list before attempting to edit.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Game Development Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional and independent game developers. It only takes a minute to sign up.

I'm asking primarily about how it is compiled and run. Or does it act like a bash script in Linux where it just executes programs completely separate from the main program? Scripting is a programming abstraction in which you conceptually have a program the script running inside another program the host.

In most cases, the language in which you write the script is different from the language in which the host is written, but any program-inside-a-program abstraction could be considered scripting. Conceptually, the common steps to enable scripting are the following I will be using pseudo-c for the host and pseudo-lua for the script.

These are not exact steps, but more like the general flow in which you enable scripting. Notice that the name in which we exposed the function print does not have to match the internal name of the function itself scriptPrintMessage. You call doText. Control is then transferred to the virtual machine, which will execute the text inside scriptCode. The script code finds a previously exported symbol print. It will then transfer control to the function scriptPrintMessage.

When scriptPrintMessage finishes, control will transfer back to the virtual machine. When all of the text in scriptCode has been executed, doText will finish, and control will be transferred back to your program on the line after doText. So in general, all you're doing is running a program inside another program. Theoretically speaking, there is nothing you can do with scripts that you can't do without them, but this abstraction allows you to do some interesting things really easily.

Some of them are:. Done right, the game code can be developed completely independently from the engine itself.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here.

how to use lua script game guardian

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Featured on Meta.Namun buat yang tidak tau kaitanya, akan saya jelaskan di Paragraph selanjutnya, ya untuk sekedar Intro saja sebelum masuk ke pembahasan, Sekalian biar Artikel ini bisa agak panjang, soalnya pas banget saya lagi semangat mau nulis lagi. Saya berani berspekulasi seperti ini karena setelah saya mencoba mencari tau, ternyata begitu banyak tutorial dalam bentuk Artikel dan yang paling banyak itu Video Tutorial On Youtube yang dengan terang-terangan mengajarkan dan membagikan Cheat serta Cara menggunakanya.

Game Guardian tutorial – Basics

Karena kalau urusan Cheat saya sudah tobat ketika dulu masih aktif bermain Point Blank dan harus berhadapan dengan Banned Permanent sebagai hukuman karena menggunakan Cheat. Saya pengen tau seperti apa kode program atau kode script tersebut sehingga mampu membuat Para Cheater bisa melihat menembus dinding, bahkan ada yang bisa menembak tembus dinding.

Untuk pada kasus yang sekarang penyebab Script tidak bisa dibaca karena sebelumnya Script ini sudah di Compile ke Binary jadi agar bisa terbaca ya cukup di De-Compile ke Teks aslinya. Untungnya si pembuat Compiler Alat untuk mengkompile selain membuat Compile di juga membuat Decompiler nya jadi dengan mudah bisa di Bolak balik.

JAR jadi membutuhkan java untuk membuatnya bekerja. Atau Coba menggunakan DeCompiler lain. Mungkin cuma itu saran yang bisa saya kasih buat yang gagal. Emoticon Emoticon. Catatan Lamers. Tags Android. Seperti yang saya bilang sebelumnya, Selama ada penjahat maka akan selalu ada polisi, semuanya di Ciptakan berpasang-pasangan begitu juga halnya dengan Script yang sudah tidak terbaca tadi, Jika ada Cara membuat Script tersebut tak bisa terbaca berarti pasti ada juga cara untuk membuat script yang tak terbaca bisa kembali di Baca.

Untuk Mencompile ketik perintah ini java -cp luac. Maka otomatis akan terbuat sebuah file baru yang bernama FileHasil. Untuk deCompile ketik perintah java -jar unluac.

Jika seumpama File Script anda gagal di DeCompile, maka yang bisa anda lakukan adalah Memperhatikan jenis Encoding ketika anda membuka script tersebut pada Texteditor. Artikel Terkait. Uphik Lamers. Next Post. Previous Post. Unknown 03 October, As you maybe know, Game Guardian is powerful memory scanner and editor used mostly for cheating Android games.

One of the most important things is that Game Guardian runs on x64 and x86 devices, which means that you can use it in emulators NOX, Bluestacks, Andy, Genymotion, Droid4X… or various devices, without worrying about compatibility.

It requires Android v.

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Of course, you will need rooted device to do this, so root it before you continue with this step. Before you install this program from the official website,you will need to enable installing apps from unknown sources. When you start Game Guardian, you should see floating icon at the top of you screen. Note that you can move it wherever you want. Start game that you want to cheat, and click on Game Guardian floating icon.

It will automatically show all processes running on your device. Choose the game that you want to cheat. In this Game Guardian tutorial, we will only do basic memory editing. For reference about data types you can check this article [ LINK ].

how to use lua script game guardian

Now it is time to finally do something. In game, remember the gold amount you have. Editing values is the easiest step once you find the right addresses where they are stored. Just click on value that you want to change in previous steps we have found two addresses where the gold is storedand write in wanted value.

Now close Game Guardian window, and check the game. You should see that gold amount have changed. This was first tutorial from the Game Guardian tutorial series. Later we will deal with encrypted values, fuzzy search, group and range searches, and speedhack. Stay tuned.

If you have some suggestions, write in the comments. For those who want to see how this is done, take a look at the video below. Tags: game guardian game guardian basic game guardian cheat game guardian hack game guardian hacking game guardian how to game guardian how to use game guardian intro game guardian tutorial.By Mohamadfatur. By Enyby. By Lord-King.

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how to use lua script game guardian

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Hack clash of clash by game guardian 2019

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how to use lua script game guardian

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