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If you ever wanted to get inside my brain for minutes scary proposition I know related to healthcare startups and innovation, here are some areas or trends that I will be following in the new decade.

Elizabeth Warren, Sen.

healthcare blogs 2020

If one of those candidates receive the nomination for the Presidential election, private v. It will dominate all major news. In October, the U. As I said repeatedly on this blog, I want more venture investment into healthcare startups that deliver measurable patient value. I just hope that he also dabbles in rounds prior to Series C, because those are the companies I care less about helping as they should already be on their way to becoming profitable.

For example, Walmart has significant geographic overlap with the health insurance exchange and Medicaid managed care membership of either health plan. However, insurance is fundamentally a risk-pool game where the team with the largest membership should also have the lowest actuarial volatility.

Sub-scale plans, especially those that require high marketing and broker administrative fees like in commercial or Medicare Advantage, do not survive without adequate membership. Companies like Hims, Roman, Curology, Pill Club, Nurx, and Lemonaide have all capitalized on the rocket-ship trend in healthcare, the combination of e-commerce, subscription, and virtual visits. These companies are proving that patients will choose convenience and good marketing over having to go to a doctor in-person for treatment of a specific conditions with generic drug options.

The concept of mail-order pharmacy is nothing new, however, this new wave has attracted criticism all across the provider community. In my opinion, two of the most interesting startups to watch in healthcare.

In general, I want to see how each diversifies their healthcare revenue and gains member traction across different verticals. Amazon is like Oprah. It only needs one word at everyone agrees its important. In my opinion, no company is better at execution than the Seattle-based book company.

2020 Healthcare Observances Calendar

And e-commerce company. And digital streaming company. And cloud computing, artificial intelligence leading company. And now, healthcare company.

Amazon is the sleeping giant that appears to have awaken. I always suspected the the co-founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, had a passion for helping improve healthcare.Lifestyle blogs are trendy in recent years, and there is no indication that this will change soon. New niches are created, which, in a short time, to gain a considerable number of fans.

If you dream about becoming a lifestyle blogger, and you want to start a blogyou might wish first to understand what a lifestyle blog is. These types of blogs are not personal blogs because they focus more on users readers. The content is created here for the reader and his expectations.

In personal blogsthe most important are the emotions and thoughts of the author, who expresses his opinions, writes about his experiences, feelings, reflections. In the personal blog, the author himself is the most important, not the reader. Most of the Lifestyle blogs are more like magazines. They have beautiful photos — refined in every detail, attract the attention of people with similar interests in a specific purpose.

Their authors recommend services or various products, such as clothes, cosmetics, interior design products, etc. So, the first goal for you will find what you want to write about!

For example, if you are interested in traveling, photography, and you are involved in the wine industry at the same time, you should have two blogs. One for your photography and travel since those two go hand in hand and a separate blog just for your work in the wine industry.

healthcare blogs 2020

Those two have very different audiences, and because of that, you should choose to use host two separate blogs to support the two subjects you write. Now that can be a lot of work for people, but that is my professional recommendation if you are wanting to write about different subjects. Now, for example, I can use some lifestyle blogs from one aspect and share them with another blog I am writing, like fashion or cooking.

In that instance, I can cross-post my audiences because they are related to one another. I have prepared a list of the best lifestyle blogs that are worth visiting. Check how they inspire their audiences from around the world.

Here are the top 17 best lifestyle bloggers to follow random order :. The founder of this award-winning site is Liz Stanley.Healthcare is currently one of the hottest topics in the developed world and when you are talking about something as important as this, you will want to make sure that your information is as accurate as possible. With the help of these Top Health Care Blogs ofyou will definitely want to make sure that you are checking out all of the contents that they have to offer on their platforms.

When you do so, you will be able to grasp a ton of important details with regard to the most essential aspects of the health care industry and everything that is happening there. More than that, you will be able to make the most of your time looking into various critical aspects of the discussion since you will have everything that you could ask for at these sites. So check them out right now.

There is much that you can learn about when you visit tedmed. So pay it a visit at the soonest possible chance. When you visit healthcareitnews. A visit to medsphere. The amount of information that you are going to find over at thielst. As the name of this site might suggest, you are going to find a ton of discussions about healthcare when you visit thehealthcareblog. This is why you simply must visit this site when you can and give it the attention that it deserves.

When you visit hcinnovationgroup. A visit to spok. You are highly encouraged to visit eoscu. Anyone who wants to take a look at what the latest developments in the healthcare industry are, healthpopuli. You can spend hours at this site poring through its amazing amount of contents. You will want to take a look at geekdoctor. The contents that can be found over at p3care. Check out hcldr. Anyone interested in learning more about healthcare topics will want to pay sheppardhealthlaw.

You will definitely want to take a look at what getreadyforflu. There are some amazing contents to be found at cotiviti.When you lack good health, everything else in life suffers. Illness can cause you to fall behind in coursework. Stress can make you feel overwhelmed. If you want to do well in all areas of your life, you must make your health a priority.

Many Americans attribute positive elements in their life to health and wellness.

healthcare blogs 2020

According to a Pew Research studywhen asked to rate their quality of life and attribute that quality to a variety of factors, four were universally associated with higher levels of life satisfaction:. As we prepare to enter a new year, you may be considering spending more time working on health and wellness. You can get solid health and wellness tips from authoritative blogs. The following are some of the top wellness blogs in areas of fitness, nutrition, and mental health.

Articles are backed by guidelines and recommendations from the American Council on Exercise. The Art of Healthy Living offers fitness articles related to subjects such as exercise supplements and high-intensity interval training.

Top 100 Healthcare Technology Blogs and Websites on the Web in 2020

It also covers food and nutrition topics and general health and wellbeing trends. The Fitness Magazine site features workout tips, workout videos, an entire section dedicated to runners, cardio and ab workouts, and more.

There are also diet and weight loss tips and general health articles. This is the blog of nutrition tracking app MyFitnessPal. Get healthy recipes, nutrition advice, weight loss tips, fitness inspiration, and more. The website for fitness magazine Shape has tons of free articles, including step-by-step workouts, nutrition advice, and mental health insights. There are also weight loss tips and plans and videos. The journalism-based fitness site features interviews with fitness experts, practical fitness tips, and videos to walk blog readers through workouts.

Why Are Americans Paying More for Healthcare?

Bites of Wellness founder Samantha Rowland is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness chef whose site contains recipes for those with various diets, including gluten free, low carb, and dairy free. The site also contains workouts and wellness insights, such as how sleep relates to weight loss. Holistic nutritionist Brittany Mullins runs this site and shares healthy recipe creations focused on whole foods, plus articles on wellness and workouts.

Find the health benefits of certain ingredients, learn about the benefits and pitfalls of various diets, and get tips for eating healthy. Learn about foods you should eat more of, foods to avoid, and the scientific reasoning behind everything the site teaches you.As you begin planning your content marketing strategy for the new year, consider adding healthcare awareness and recognition dates to your editorial calendar.

Top Health Care Blogs 2020

It would be impractical to build all of these opportunities into your editorial calendar. Research the events that are most relevant to your community and determine if they help support your outreach or department utilization goals.

Depending on your resources, choose a select number of marquee events to promote each month. Also, consider working closely with your clinicians to learn how these observances impact them and provide an opportunity for them to get involved as subject matter experts to produce content or help with promotion. As the year goes on, make sure to measure the response of any targeted outreach.

You can leverage the data for future planning, and work to increase the engagement and impact of your content marketing efforts. Healthcare consumers are searching for information that is specific to their needs, and a well-executed content calendar with relatable topics will help you get connected.

Tune in for tips on building a simple yet powerful Marketing Performance Hub. Help Consumer Find and Connect with your Providers. Healthgrades CRM. See more resources.The United States spends significantly more on healthcare compared to other nations and such spending is expected to continue growing. High costs of healthcare can also hinder the efforts to thwart public health crises like the COVID outbreak as people are unable to pay for tests or treatments.

Below is a look at the increasing healthcare costs in the United States and what is causing that rapid growth. The United States has one of the highest costs of healthcare in the world.

Relative to the size of the economy, healthcare costs have increased over the past few decades, from 5 percent of gross domestic product GDP in to 18 percent in However, those projections do not take into account the impacts of the COVID pandemic ; while the extent of the effect is still uncertain, testing and treatment costs are expected to be high and can potentially drive the cost of healthcare up.

Generally, healthcare spending can be thought of as a function of price dollars charged for healthcare services and utilization the amount of services used. There are several underlying factors that can increase price and utilization, thereby boosting spending on healthcare. The most notable of those factors are an aging population and rising healthcare prices. Inindividuals age 65 and over accounted for 16 percent of the U.

The U. Census Bureau projects that this figure will exceed 20 percent by Since people age 65 and over, on average, spend more on healthcare than any other age group, growth in the number of older Americans is expected to increase total healthcare costs over time.

Furthermore, as individuals turn 65, they will become eligible for Medicare. As a result, the number of Medicare enrollees is expected to increase from 60 million in to 75 million by That expansion in enrollment is expected to significantly increase the cost of Medicare over time. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office projects that Medicare spending will double over the next 30 years relative to the size of the economy — growing from 3 percent of GDP in to 6 percent by Prices are another significant driver of healthcare spending in the United States; the cost of healthcare services has grown faster than the cost of other goods and services in the economy.

In the past 20 years, the Consumer Price Index CPI — the average change in prices paid by urban consumers for various goods and services — has grown annually at an average of 2. There are many possible reasons for this increase in healthcare prices :. More research needs to be done, though, to confirm the reasons that healthcare costs grow so quickly. High healthcare spending is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if it leads to better health outcomes. However, that is not the case in the United States.

When evaluating common health metrics, the United States lags behind other countries despite higher healthcare spending. High healthcare costs put pressure on an already strained fiscal situation. For ideas on how to solve some of these issues, visit our Solutions page and the Peterson Center on Healthcare.

Related: Infographic: U. Healthcare Spending. Understanding the Coronavirus Crisis Key fiscal and economic indicators as the nation responds and recovers. National Debt Clock See the latest numbers and learn more about the causes of our high and rising debt. Skip to main content. April 20, An Aging Population Inindividuals age 65 and over accounted for 16 percent of the U. TWEET THIS There are many possible reasons for this increase in healthcare prices : The introduction of new, innovative healthcare technology can lead to better, more expensive procedures and products.

The complexity of the U. The consolidation of hospitals can lead to a lack of competition or even a hospital monopoly, granting providers the opportunity to increase prices. Why It Matters High healthcare spending is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if it leads to better health outcomes.Submit Blog Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales?

Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue. Submit Your Blog. Get access to all the latest news, jobs and information for healthcare leaders.

It is the exclusive forum for the nation's healthcare leaders to jointly develop policies, plans, and programs to achieve their vision of a 21st century healthcare system that makes affordable high-quality care accessible to all Americans.

We're here to help you achieve your personal best while making healthcare safer, more accessible and affordable to all. Facebook fans Wisconsin, United States About Blog The Wisconsin Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives is a fully chartered chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives that was established in March as a not-for-profit organization to serve the needs of Wisconsin's health care community.

The primary purpose of the Chapter is to meet the professional needs of its members, promote excellence in healthcare leadership by providing education and training, aiding in career advancement and embracing communication and networking relationships among colleagues in Wisconsin. Appleton, Wisconsin, United States About Blog Catalysis provides knowledge to improve healthcare delivery and healthcare leadership development.

Through its uniquely designed leadership education programs, Catalysis addresses today's healthcare system shortcomings and inspires leaders to make sustainable change to transform healthcare value. London, England, United Kingdom About Blog The Healthcare Leadership Academy was formed in response to demand from young clinicians and medical students to learn about leadership.

Through a combination of mentoring, Socratic discussion, and philosophical exploration, HLA aims to inspire our scholars to change the world of healthcare, one small step at a time. Facebook fans 1. Our mission is to advance healthcare leadership and management excellence through professional enrichment and continuing education of our members. Chicago, Illinois, United States About Blog Becker's Hospital Review is the leading hospital magazine for hospital business news and analysis for hospital and healthcare system executives.

healthcare blogs 2020

Get access to the latest news and guidance on health care administration and health care management. Facebook fans 6. From inpatient rehabilitation to home-based care, we are with our patients for every step of their post-acute journey. The Connect blog features stories, resources and tips from Encompass Health's patients, employees, referral sources and our partners in acute care.

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